What is Polywrap Mailing?

Polywrapping provides a cost-effective solution to sending direct mail. Polywrap mailing is where we wrap your brochure or catalogue in clear polythene.

This saves the cost of an envelope and as polythene is lighter than paper, it can save on postage too.

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So what is Polywrap Mailing?

Polywrap mailing is a simple process where a catalogue or brochure is wrapped in clear polythene before posting. Polythene is lightweight and can save you money on postage by keeping the overall package weight down for posting. With polywrapping, your mailing piece is seen as soon as it lands on the doorstep.

The mailing may contain just a leaflet, brochure or catalogue, with the recipient's name and address printed directly onto it or onto a plain or printed carrier sheet.

So why polywrapping?

Polywrap mailing is ideal for mass mailing of promotional material. It is not suitable for confidential mailings where a letter in a window envelope may be more suitable. The key advantage is weight. Clear polywrap for an A4 brochure weighs around 5g compared to 18g for a paper envelope. This difference becomes essential when mailing a catalogue which weighs close to a Royal Mail weight threshold (100g or 250g).

Polywrapping also has the big advantage that there is a large visible area, so a catalogue or product update is immediately visible.

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