Our polywrapping solutions for brochures and magazines cover all aspects of direct mail.

Polywrapping success relies upon careful planning and our experts will save you money.

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Polywrapping is cost effective

Polythene is lighter than paper!

Let us advise you on the most economical way to handle your polywrapping and mailing. Our vast experience ensures that we offer you the most effective and efficient way of fulfiling your polywrap mailing. Our advice is always tailored to your exact circumstances.

Step 1 - Polywrapping Planning

Careful planning is vital in all aspects of direct mail. CPM offer free consultantations on all aspects of polywrapping, from data processing, through design and print, towards a harmonious polywrapping solution.

Step 2 - Polywrapping Production

As soon as your mailing is planned in, our production team handle every aspect of the whole process. Our vast experience ensures that everything runs smoothly and that we stick to the agreed deadlines.

Step 3 - Polywrapping Success!

Another very successful polywrapped mailing, landing on time with great results. This is our aim and we will guarantee to do our utmost that you feel delighted with the service that we offer.