Polywrap Mailing

Polywrap is the cost effective way to mail out catalogues and brochures. Polywrapping is clean, simple and lightweight.

We are specialists in Polywrap Mailing and will work very hard to save you money on your next mailing.

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Polywrap Mailing Polywrapping will save money on your postage costs as it is lighter in weight.

CPM are a highly efficient mailing house based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. We specialise in Polywrap Mailing and in polywrapping or paper envelope enclosing. Our expertise will find you the very best way to process your print and mailing needs at the lowest cost. We offer a highly personal service and will help you every step of the way.

Planning for polywrap mailing

Step 1 - Polywrap Planning

We discuss your polywrap mailing project together, using our wide mailing experience, then work towards finding the best value way to fulfil your mailing. We handle as much or as little as your want us to. We have our own print works and can efficiently look after your whole mailing project if you wish.

print and design for polywrap mailing

Step 2 - Print for Polywrap

Either you supply the finished artwork for us to print, or you arrange the print yourself, whichever you prefer. We print millions of mail pieces and envelopes every year. We can also manage the design and artwork if you wish. We have been supplying print since 1978 so will always find the cost-effective way of proceeding.

a successful polywrap mailing

Step 3 - Polywrap Success!

We process your data and personalise the print or the envelope, either by laser or by inkjet, whichever is appropriate. We then polywrap and despatch your mailing by the most efficient postage service, having liased with you to ensure we meet your needs. Success does not happen by accident.